This Woman’s Neighbors Are Mad at Her for Running Early in the Morning

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I signed up for the app Nextdoor when I misplaced my dog for a few hours (that story has as happy ending, at least), and in the days before I took the time to cancel it, I got a glimpse into the lives of my neighbors…

It’s a little appalling how much free time people seem to have.

And that they seem to choose to spend that free time complaining about the people who live around them in their neighborhoods.

Because here’s the deal – you buy a house in a neighborhood, you get neighbors. People living their lives, doing their thing, whatever, while you do the same a few doors down.

This woman, who posted her story on the subreddit Am I The A**hole, wanted to know if she was a jerk for running before she goes to work in the morning (usually around 5am). Her neighbors had let her know they thought she was, since her route woke many of them up before they wanted.

AITA for running through neighborhoods in the early morning, making security lights come on and dogs bark?

I (26F) like to go for a run in the morning before I go to work. I usually set out around 5:00 AM so I can make sure to get at least 5 miles in at a time before having to get ready for work. Well depending on the time of year, I’m either running around sunrise or wrap up before, which means that people in the neighborhood have those security lights that pop up if you’re in the area.

Well people started complaining about their lights being triggered and their dogs flipping out at early times, and people on their stupid doorbell cameras will look at people going by and several people posted videos of me running by. I’m identifiable because I have a headlamp and flashers to make sure cars see me.

This was on that Nextdoor app so I chimed in to say hey, sorry about that! And got dogpiled by people telling me to change up my route, or have more respect. Some people told me to go to a gym, why don’t I run in the afternoon or evening etc etc. I told them I had no way of remembering whose house has what lights or what dogs and that it’s just something we all have to deal with. I’m not going around complaining about the sprinklers that come on and drench me because they aren’t calibrated right! And then said that I love to run in the morning because it makes me feel good through the day to which someone said “Yeah try getting woken up by some smartass who won’t be neighborly enough to just go to the gym!”

Anyway I’ve gotten some really nasty notes and people keep posting videos of me and comments saying that I should really get a gym membership and other people calling me rude because the dog barks and wakes up the baby or something. I don’t enjoy running on a treadmill. Never have, never will. Besides why pay out the ass to be leered at and hit on by gross dudes when I can run in the darkness and watch the sun rise? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

My best friend has suggested I just head out later, but I won’t have enough time for the rest of my routine (shower, breakfast, etc) if I do that.

ETA: Tried to grab all the INFO questions.

1 – There are no parks nearby large enough for me to run in. The only one around here is about one block, and it is surrounded by houses. I pass this park already. There are no “trail systems” or anything like that either.

2 – I don’t run the same exact path every day. No matter which street I run on, there’s inevitably security lights and dogs. I have 5 or 6 different routes I’ll take. I don’t think it’s even the same dogs barking at me on those routes.

3 – I don’t have a car, so I can’t just drive out somewhere else.

4 – Again, I’m not getting a gym membership. My budget doesn’t include that kind of luxury, and the closest affordable gym here is about 6 miles away to begin with.

5 – I can’t run later in the morning. I have to be out the door at a certain time to get my full 5 miles in. 5:00-630, exercise (warm up and cool down included). 6:30-7:30, getting ready (shower, coffee, breakfast, put together lunch or it’s already made, makeup, hair, getting dressed). If I don’t leave for the bus at 7:45, I will not get to work on time.


The were upset not because she was being loud, mind you. But because their dogs, their security lights, their video doorbells were being set off by her running past.

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And another…

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Yeah. They wanted her to stop living her life because their own stuff was inconveniencing them.

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You probably won’t be surprised to hear that most people on Reddit took her side – she should continue to run whenever she damn well pleases, because not everyone can afford a gym or change their workout schedule at will.

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And people who have this same schedule weighed in…

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And those people next door… ugh!

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Do better, people. Or you know, go live in the woods. I’m sure the critters will be super amenable to staying away from your dogs and security lights.

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