People Are Mocking This Woman For Her Harsh Response To The U.S. Evacuating Coronavirus Patients

Image Credit: Twitter

People love to lose their minds about infectious diseases, though it seems as if we tend to freak out more about the ones that are less likely to kill us (like Ebola), while refusing to get the flu shot for a disease that actually kills tens of thousands of people every year.

The coronavirus currently wigging people out is new, it’s deadlier than the flu, and we still don’t know much about how it spreads (though it looks like a vaccine is in the works, so yay for that), which means plenty of people are worried it’s going to be the next Spanish flu.

One woman on Twitter, though, is ready to pull out the full nuclear options from the get-go – she wrote this in response to a tweet from CNN about American citizens being evacuated from places where the infection is more prevalent.

@TheSocietyDude posted a screenshot of a tweet from a woman, Jessica, who thought the only and obvious solution was to shoot down the plane. Seriously.

But if you think that’s the best part of the story, then you must not know much about Twitter – because of course, people’s replies were the best part.

My personal favorites were the people comparing Jessica to the Karens of the world looking to speak to a manager about every little decision that hasn’t gone their way.

Luckily for everyone on board that flight (which contained kids, just FYI) the government didn’t take her rather panicked advice.

It’s lucky, anyway, as long as this doesn’t go into full disaster movie mode soon and we wish that we’d listened.

I think that’s pretty much how The Walking Dead started, idk.

Seriously, don’t be like Karen. Take a few extra precautions in the coming weeks. Make sure you and your kids are washing your hands, like, extra well. Make sure you’ve got hand sanitizer and don’t have empty cupboards, but don’t go around advocating for the merciless death of dozens of people.

It won’t be a good look when everything turns out fine.