Woman’s thread goes viral about a stranger on the train who asked for her help.

©Wikimedia Commons

In this day and age, it seems like we’re all conditioned to avoid looking at other people’s faces or even acknowledging them. Especially on public transportation.

But a woman named Erynn Brook shared a personal experience about how it pays not to ignore a stranger who needs help and how we need to work together to build connections and be kind to our fellow humans.

Brook shared the whole story on Twitter.

Brook continued to tweet about the context of the situation she experienced and how we are conditioned as a society.

Brook’s Twitter story went viral in a big way and many people shared their own stories. And Brooks took the time to tweet out in response that, in some cases, calling 9-1-1 is absolutely the right thing to do.

Let’s all take some of Brook’s advice: Build Something Better, Folks.