Thousands of People Can’t Stop Watching This Livestream of a Wyoming Town

Several thousand people have been e-flocking (I just made that word up) to this livestream of Jackson Hole, Wyoming’s town square, and nobody really knows why. Wyoming is the least populated of the United States according to 2013 census data, and you could easily make the argument that Wyoming is pretty boring unless you like skiing, fishing, or geysers.

But why watch paint dry? Some Youtube users claim the Jackson Hole stream showed up in their lists of recommended videos, so they decided to check it out. Others go to the feed to read the observant and insightful comments viewers have been making – comments such as, “They have so awesome ladders in Jackson Hole,” or “BLUE CAR!”

Jackson Hole's town square is pretty much a scale model of Wyoming's iconic rectangular shape.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

According to Tubular InsightsYouTube generally chooses their “recommended” videos based on a formula that takes the number of clicks and combines it with time spent watching. So if enough early adopters spent a solid few hours looking for blue cars, maybe that could bump the video up.

For whatever reasons, some people seem pretty invested in watching the live feed, and it’s gotten the town a ton of viral attention. Many businesses and residents have welcomed the extra eyes with open arms, while others don’t like it. One gift shop, Jackson Trading Company, has blurred its name in the feed. (And yes, I do notice the irony of mentioning a store that doesn’t want to be seen.)

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to be a digital fly on a pretty boring wall who could talk to other digital flies, the Jackson Hole Town Square livestream is your chance.