3 Indiana Judges Suspended After Strip Club Visit And White Castle Brawl That Left Them Wounded

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This might be the headline and the story of the year, in my humble opinion. Also, I love me some White Castle and the nearest one to me is about six hours away, so I needed to get a little WC in my life in one way or another. And this story sure is a doozy!

Back in May, three judges, Bradley Jacobs, Andrew Adams, and Sabrina Bell, ended up at a White Castle restaurant at 3 a.m. (it happens) in downtown Indianapolis. The trio was in town to attend a judicial conference, and after the day’s activities ended, they decided to do a little partying.

As judges are wont to do.

After much drinking, the three (and another judge who was with them) tried to get into a strip club, discovered it was closed, and decided to go to White Castle instead.

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Jacobs, Adams, and Bell were standing outside the fast food restaurant while their other judge pal went inside to order when they got into a verbal altercation with two men who drove by in an SUV. Sabrina Bell ended up giving the men the middle finger, the guys got our of the car, and the altercation turned into a brawl involving the two men in the SUV and the two male judges. It ended with judges Bradley Jacobs and Andrew Adams both being shot.

Jacobs and Adams both had emergency surgery and survived the frightening incident, and the two men in the SUV have been charged with a host of crimes.

As for the three judges involved in the incident, Jacobs and Bell were both suspended for 30 days without pay, and Adams, who pleaded guilty to one charge of misdemeanor battery, was suspended for 60 days without pay and had to serve two days in jail.

Bell, for one, admitted to being so drunk that she blacked out – she says she doesn’t even remember the fight.

In a recently-issued opinion, the court said that the three judges “engaged in judicial misconduct by appearing in public in an intoxicated state and behaving in an injudicious manner and by becoming involved in a verbal altercation.”

Ouch. But also…duh. No one just gets to be a judge. I, for one, don’t want my judges getting drunk and fighting in parking lots at 3 a.m.