Teens on TikTok Troll the Trump Campaign by Pretending to Buy Merch

The youth have struck again!

Teens on TikTok have a new target: the 2020 Trump campaign.

In June, thousands of teens on TikTok registered for free tickets to the campaign’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But when it was time for the rally, none of them showed up. It turns out that it was all an orchestrated attack on the campaign.

Now, the teens have a new plot: they are stocking their carts on the campaign’s website with tons of merchandise, but not actually buying it.

The ploy is actually pretty successful. Shopping cart abandonment is a huge problem that a lot of companies face.

One of the biggest problems with shopping cart abandonment is that when a shopper adds a lot of merchandise to their cart but doesn’t pay for it, the merch can still be listed as “sold out.”

It’s probably pretty clear why this is such an effective strategy for the teens to deploy.

The TikTok teen definitely get it:

Another reason this is such an issue for online retailers is that they actually lose money on these transactions. If someone can’t buy a product that’s just languishing in someone else’s cart, the retailer loses out.

These guys are really going hard, too: one person has eight million dollars of merchandise in her cart!

Members of older generations are also big fans of the tactics being used by Generation Z:

One person even suggested that the TikTokers be Time’s “People of the Year.”

Others are asking for more information, and how they can get involved or how they can engage these enthusiastic young Americans.

Can you believe what these kids are getting up to? They’re wild!

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