Woman’s Viral Video Shows Us the Correct Way to Drink a Starbucks Bottled Frapp On TikTok

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Many of us have been missing those creamy Starbucks Frappuccinos since most of the cafes have been closed due to coronavirus lockdown mandates. Luckily, we can find them in our grocery stores ready to drink. However, in all the years the coffee beverage has been available to buy by the bottle, we have been drinking them completely wrong.

As per TikTok, there’a a better way.

The video demonstrating the correct way to drink a bottled Frappuccinos has gone viral. If you think about it, the bottled variety is not very frappuccino-ish. It’s a cold, sweetened coffee and not at all in the whipped, icy style you get at Starbucks. That’s because you’re supposed to freeze them first, duh.


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Thankfully, TikTok user @Naatalie_lee created a tutorial to mend our ways. She freezes her bottles first. In her video, she takes a bottle out of the freezer and it looks pretty much the same as when it went in.

But, then, you see, she shakes it. And that’s key.

Freeze, then shake. Got it?


Now that you’ve taken the time to correctly shake the bottle, it looks just like the frothy drink the friendly folks at Starbucks make. Stick a straw in it and enjoy!

Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with pouring it into a cup and topping with whip.

You could also blend it, but why waste the electricity? Just freeze, then shake. It’s sweeping the nation.


Just please be careful while shaking. You don’t want to sail your glass bottle across the kitchen. You’ve been gently warned.

Ever do this? Got any tips we need to know?

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