TikTokers Prove You Don’t Need to Smile Under Your Mask

Photo credit: TikTok

Hopefully, by now, you’ve learned that wearing a mask is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but did you know wearing one also has an added benefit?

Yes, we know it’s a pain, especially during the dog days of summer, but if you don’t feel like smiling, no one will ever know.

Tiktok users have proven that you can wear a mask and look like you’re smiling, but in reality, all you’re doing is smiling with your eyes, or as supermodel Tyra Banks calls it, “smizing.”


Wait till the end… 🙂 #fyp #mask #covid19

♬ original sound – urdad.timothy

Anyone can smize. All you need to do is squint, but make sure not to move your mouth. It does take practice—if you wear glasses, try to read something from a distance without them, and you will naturally smize. All you need to do is add your mask, and you’re good to go!


saw @oh.its.ems show off her fake smile so i thought i’d do it too

♬ original sound – urdad.timothy

Smizing comes in handy when working with rude customers who expect “service with a smile.” You can give them what they want, without really giving them what they want.


🙂🙃 #fyp#workdistractions#facemask#lgbt#transman#smile

♬ original sound – urdad.timothy

Judging by these TikTokers, it’s hard to tell when someone is smizing, although some people swear they know, but this likely also depends on the thickness of your mask—if yours is a layered cloth or N95 mask, you have a higher chance of pulling off a not so happy face.


I be looking at ppl with disgust #PetsOfTikTok #GreekFreakOut #foryou #funny #MeetMyParents

♬ original sound – urdad.timothy

So, don’t turn that frown upside down anytime soon, and remember to smile with only your eyes!

Do you think you can tell when someone isn’t smiling, or have you tried to smize from behind your mask? Let us know in the comments below!