10 Examples of How Ridiculously Dangerous Normal Things Were in the 60s and 70s

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The 1960s and 70s marked a time where people were more freewheeling with their personal safety, style and taste. Things were rapidly changing, and social norms were having some trouble catching up. There was a sense of not knowing any better mixed with a dash of I just don’t care because gas is really expensive and no one can find a job.

So, scroll through these old school hazards and feel good about stayin’ alive.

1. Girls ironed their hair straight…with an actual hot as hell iron.

Then, some genius invented the “hair straightener” and took all the fun out of burning your hair off.

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2. Infant car seats were not at their apex of technology.

They were more of a suggestion than anything that would keep you snuggly strapped in and facing the way that would cause the least amount of damage to your cranium in a collision.

Child In A Car Seat, 1950’s from TheWayWeWere

3. Jell-O Salad.

If you could eat it on a plate, why not encase it in Jell-O?

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4. Smoking on planes was allowed.

There was a non-smoking section on the plane, but really the whole plane was a smoking section.

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5. Your mom tried to make a SPAM casserole.

Meat in a can—it’s what’s for dinner.

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6. Drunk driving was barely frowned on.

Even though it was against the law. Deadly, but who cares!

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7. Margarine was a healthy alternative to real butter.

Sure, eat all you want.

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8. Who didn’t love asbestos?

Seriously, what’s not to love?

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9. Men’s fashions SLAYED.

A man in Levi’s Panatela sportswear? Knock you dead, baby.

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10. OJ Simpson was an admired figure in sports and fashion.

Also, he is learning Twitter now, so follow him. He should be watched.

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Aren’t you glad you came out of that decade as normal as you did? Remember any other craziness? Post it in the comments so we can cringe along with you.