Strangers Who Kept Hilarious Tinder Conversation for 3 Years, Meet In Real Life

Photo Credit: Twitter

22-year-old Josh Avsec and 21-year-old Michelle Arendas go to college together, and they’ve also been chatting with each other (off and on – more on that later) for three years. But guess what? They’ve never met.

When they were matched on the dating app Tinder back in 2014, Josh must have liked the looks of Michelle (or swiped whichever way is good, idk) because he sent her a message. And she answered…two months later. She gave him some lame excuse for why it took her so long to write back, and a relationship (of sorts) was born.

Recently, Josh posted the conversations on Twitter. As he points out, you’re going to want to check out the dates on their messages back and forth.

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For her part, Michelle decided to maintain her sense of mystery, even after Josh’s post went viral.

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But Tinder (and the rest of the world) just couldn’t take the suspense.

The dating app stepped in and declared the two should absolutely stop futzing around and meet in person. Not only that, but Tinder say it would pay for a first date in the location of their choice.

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Josh and Michelle are no dummies, y’all.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Everyone on Twitter is now waiting to see what happens and if the connection three years in the making turns out to be anything but a good joke and a free trip to Hawaii. If you want to follow the saga and find out for yourself, make sure to follow Josh and Michelle on Twitter. And may all of your online dating interactions be half as amusing, however fruitful!


Josh and Michelle finally met IRL! 🙂 Good Morning America had them meet on LIVE TV (what could go wrong, right?). Turns out, they are super cute and it seems like they have a lot in common. Watch this clip below to see how it all went down: