Tired of Avoiding Spoilers? Here Are Four Options for Keeping Your Social Media Spoiler-Free

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s happened to all of us. You weren’t able to see that episode or movie right away, and you’re innocently scrolling through your newsfeed or your tweets. Suddenly, it happens.

A spoiler.

You could just avoid social media for a bit, but that’s impractical if you need it for work or just want to stay connected. So, what to do? Here are four options that can help.

1. Unspoiler

Unspoiler is a Chrome extension that labels everything with a spoiler warning label: headlines, Facebook posts, tweets and more. You just type in the name of the show, and it does all the work for you. You can whitelist certain sites and remove blocks after you’ve seen the show or movie. Obviously, you have to use Chrome for this to work, but it may be the simplest and most thorough way to avoid spoilers.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

2. Video Blocker

Sometimes it’s videos that do the spoiling. An easy way to address those pesky videos is Video Blocker, a plugin that’s available for Chrome and Firefox. You can block videos that use certain keywords, such as the name of the show or movie you haven’t seen yet. It can even block comments with those keywords!

3. Social Fixer

This is a Facebook-specific browser extension that’s available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. In addition to allowing you to change your newsfeed to something that makes sense (why are they always changing it?) you can go into the options and set up filters for anything you don’t want to see. You can have the extension show you a note for anything it’s blocked so you can go back later. To get started, visit the Social Fixer download page.

4. Mute words on Twitter

Twitter may be the easiest place to avoid spoilers – they’ve got the functionality built right in. Go into your Twitter settings, and under “Privacy and safety” choose “Muted words.” Enter the keywords or phrases you want to avoid. To be thorough, consider the name of your show as well as any important characters that might be discussed. You can also choose how long you want things to be muted.

Happy surfing!