To Combat Negativity, People Are Sharing The Things That Give Them Hope

Photo Credit: Pexels

Watch the news and you’ll get the impression that our world is a dark, scary place. Social media also has a way of emphasizing the bad over the good – unless, of course, you actively decide to focus on the positive.

Making that decision, Scott Hechinger asked people on Twitter to name things that give them hope.

Tweeters replied, giving us amazing reasons why we should have hope nowadays. Scott received over 1,000 replies, reminding us all that there is plenty of good in this world.

10. Science Can Give You Hope

Just ask this physics professor.

9. Paying it Forward

It’s always nice to see people be nice to each other.

8. This Moment That Got Caught on Film

This is sweet.

7. Seeing Strength Every Day

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

6. These Sweet Potatoes

They do look cool.


5. This Kind Observation

It’s definitely true.

4. This Cute Puppy

Dogs make everyone happy.


3. This Change in Attitude

It’s certainly hopeful.

2. Love of Libraries

Books are great and deserve our support.

1. The Next Generation

They’ll need all thee hope they can get.


As you can see, Scott’s question tapped into the many reasons why the world isn’t as scary or dark as it seems. Good people are everywhere and they just need an opportunity to share their sources of inspiration.

Do you want to share an uplifting story or reason why you feel hope? The comments section is open!