Tom Hanks Recently Discovered That Mister Rogers Is His Cousin

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In what can only be described as a twist of fate and destiny, actor Tom Hanks recently found out that and Fred Rogers (aka the beloved Mister Rogers who spent decades entertaining children on public television) are sixth cousins.

Ancestry.com revealed the information, to which Hanks said, “It all just comes together, you see.”

The news is particularly interesting because Hanks plays Fred Rogers in the recently-released film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which details the friendship that developed between Rogers and a journalist named Tom Junod who wrote an article about the television host for Esquire magazine in 1998.


An Ancestry.com spokesperson said, “Fred Rogers and Tom Hanks are sixth cousins sharing the same 5x great-grandfather … who immigrated from Germany to America in the 18th century.”

Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, said, “No, impossible! You’re pulling our leg.”

It only makes sense that one of America’s favorite actors would play one of the country’s most-beloved public figures…and be related to him. What are the chances?

Fred Rogers hosted Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood from 1968 until 2001, focusing on themes of kindness, charity, and being a good friend and neighbor to everyone. Rogers died in 2003 at the age of 74, but his legacy and continues to inspire people all over the world.

Rogers is so well-regarded that there is now a holiday honoring him in his native Pennsylvania every May 23.

Watch the trailer for the new film below.

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