Tonight Show Hashtag Game: Which Resolutions Have You Already Tossed?

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Jimmy Fallon likes to stay on top of the times with his hashtag game, so when could be better than now to ask people which New Year’s resolutions they’ve already failed at? It’s been a month and a half – just enough time for people to realize they were never actually going to follow through with any self-improvement. Who needs that? And the things people resolved to do in 2017 are almost as amusing as why/when/how they kicked those dreams to the curb.

#15. I mean. Yeah. Solidarity.

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#14. That was fast.

#13. There’s always one.

#12. Are you telling me that bacon isn’t a vegetable? BLASPHEMY.

#11. When you realize you have a problem.

#10. One step at a time.

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#9. They do say to set reachable goals…

#8. Why would you even want to stop doing that, though?

#7. Technically, I’m not sure this is a fail…

#6. But tacos are a valid excuse for everything.

#5. That kid has the right idea.

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#4. My resolution was to crave Chick-Fil-A on a day other than Sunday.

#3. If you’re going to fall off the wagon, might as well leap.

#2. Talk about destined to fail.

#1. Some people are just givers.

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