Top 10 Cringeworthy Pop Culture Moments That Have Us Squirming

Most of us live for a good laugh, especially when our Celebrity Kings and Queens make hasty decisions and the moment is forever burned in our memory.

Thanks to memes, gifs, and listicles (thank you very much), these hilariously cringeworthy moments will live on forever.

Here are a few that I was like, “What in the Hell?”

And you’re welcome 😉

10. Oprah lip syncing to “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey

9. Beyonce being Beyonce *eye-roll*

8. Nikki Blonsky seriously gave a tour of her West Virginia hotel room. Can’t knock her for being appreciative!

7. Christina Anguleria be like, “Here, take my gum.”

6. Tyra Banks’ big moment. “Kiss my fat ass!”


5. Oblivious Britney thought Ryan Seacrest was gay

4.  Jennifer Holliday served up this American Idol moment

3. Leonardo DiCaprio is a bit critical of Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes. Yikes

2. Once upon a time there was a girl name Kim Kardashian and no one cared


1. And who could forget…Sharon Osbourne had her day….

When watching your favorite celeb moments, you can feel better about your life. Amirite?

We are all human and screw up! Just feel fortunate that your moments aren’t blasted across the internet!

Let us know your fave moments from this list or ANY list. We’re game to learn more things!

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