Bust That Gym down with These Top 5 Pokémon Ranked by Attack

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The folks over at Pokémon Go Hub have put together a handy chart that lays out the best attack packages of Mons and move sets.

I’ll give you the rankings and analysis of the top 5, and then we’ll glance through the top 20 or so:

#5. Flareon

Photo Credit: Pokemon/Pokedex

Flareon is the easiest of the top five attackers to acquire.

In fact, Flareon is the easiest to get out of all the top 25 attackers, only matched by the #12 ranked Vaporean.

Frankly, I feel like I find myself evolving an Eevee every week, and I’m a pretty casual player.

Quick Move Special Move Percentage
Ember Fire Blast 85.30%
Ember Flamethrower 79.70%
Ember Heat Wave 78.50

But – if you end up with the right move set – you’re still rocking 85% of the attack power of the best Mon/move set combo on our list.

That said, there’s a pretty big drop if you’ve only got Heat Wave.

It’s a bit of a trade-off because Mons 6-10 all come with a top combo that beats the bottom two Flareon move combos, but you’re not near as likely to score the top move set combos of those Pokémon. You just don’t find as many Victreebels, Golducks, Starmies, Nidokings, and Venusaurs.

#4. Charizard

Photo Credit: Pokemon/Pokedex

If you found a Charmander nest during the Halloween rush and scored enough for a Charizard or two, it’s time to reap the reward.

Quick Move Special Move Percentage
Wing Attack Fire Blast 86.70%
Wing Attack Flamethrower 79.50%
Ember Fire Blast 76%

But, unless you lucked out and landed one of the top two move sets, it’s much more likely that you have a Flareon that can hold a gym down better than your Charizard.

However, if you do have a souped-up Charizard with Wing attack and Fire Blast (or Flamethrower), you should definitely be using it.

#3. Exeggutor

Photo Credit: Pokemon/Pokedex

If you’ve got one of these, you’re looking at a substantial jump up from Charizard in potential damage to gym interlopers.

Quick Move Special Move Percentage
Zen Headbutt Solarbeam 92.60%
Confusion Solarbeam 85.70%
Zen Headbutt Psychic 84.70%

Solarbeam seems to be the key element, but even the 3rd ranked Zen Headbutt/Psychic combo is no slouch.

#2. Arcanine

Photo Credit: Pokemon/Pokedex

This is another sort of hidden/sort of well-known gem when it comes to protecting gyms.

Arcanine is the number two value pick after the Flaeron, and it has got serious power – with the right move sets.

Quick Move Special Move Percentage
Fire Fang Fire Blast 93.80%
Bite Fire Blast 90.70%
Fire Fang Flamethrower 76%

I mean, you’re probably going to end up with more Arcanines than Exeggutors, and they’re mostly better anyhow.

That’s a win-win.

If you land one with Fire Blast, you should definitely hang onto it.

#1. Dragonite

Photo Credit: Pokemon/Pokedex

Dragonite is not at all easy to find.

There’a a reward for that, though, especially if you land a top 3 move set.

Quick Move Special Move Percentage
Dragon Breath Dragon Claw 100%
Dragon Breath Hyper Beam 98.70%
Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse 97.20%

You really want to have Dragon Breath; even when it’s paired with 3rd ranked Dragon pulse, you only give up under 3% of the potential.

Meet up after the jump for a recap of 1-5, plus a rundown of 6-26 from Pokémon GO Hub’s ranking chart.