Tourists Recreate Homer Simpson’s New Orleans Culinary Adventure Shot for Shot

Photo Credit: FOX

Over the 30 years The Simpsons has been on the air, no subject or motif has been off limits for the writers. Recently, foodie tourism hit their sights; Season 29 featured a delicious trip to New Orleans in an episode called “Lisa Gets the Blues.”

Photo Credit: FOX

In the episode, Homer and family eat their way through a whopping 32 culinary gems during their visit. We all know that Homer has excellent taste in comestibles, so when a pair of Swiss tourists decided to tour the Big Easy, they took note.

Actually, what they did was recreate Homer’s foodie experience shot for shot.

The show’s production team had to fit in all the restaurants keeping within the limitations imposed with animation, but these two ladies could care less about the logistical difficulty involved in planning a culinary tour of 32 restaurants as a vacation. And then they took it a step further by painstakingly reproducing every shot in the montage, from the camera angles to portion sizes in each restaurant.

It’s frankly impressive.

The women describe themselves as “two Swiss girls [that] love the Simpsons as much as they love New Orleans.” The video is on Katrin von Niederhausern’s YouTube Channel. She says her dream is to write an episode and create a custom intro for the series.

I think she deserves a shot!