Travel Instagram Influencer Admits to Photoshopping Her Pics After People Keep Noticing the Same Cloud Formation


A travel influencer with more than 300,000 Instagram followers has admitted to using Photoshop to add cloud formations to some of her photos after people noticed the clouds were the same in multiple photos.

Tupi Saravia said that she uses photo editing software after screenshots of some of her Instagram photos went viral.


Saravia said in an email, “I can’t believe how far this went I used an app called Quickshot to help the composition of the photograph when the sky is burned or overexposed.” She added, “I just happened to like that one.”

She continued, “They were always aware about this [photo editing] because I never hide it I always tell [them] the apps I use. Actually I’m the first one to tell the joke [that] the clouds are following me around the world.”


People weighed in online after the story came to light.


If you ask me (and I know you didn’t), the whole thing is just strange. I guess traveling for free and getting products at no cost would be nice for a while, but how long can that really last? There was a survey put out this summer that revealed that American kids would rather be YouTube stars than astronauts. If that’s not depressing, I don’t know what is.

I’m shaking my head over here…

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