Travel Instagrammers Share Their Favorite Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Let’s face it: no vacation feels complete anymore without the perfect travel photos. If you want to take your travel photography up several notches, these travel Instagrammers have some advice for you.

Part of the magic of photography is all about timing. One Berlin-based travel photographer, Theodora Melnik (@______theo), tells HuffPost that sunrise is the perfect time for a photo.


“I can’t recommend shooting sunrise enough,” Theodora said. “Whenever I make the effort, I get to explore even the busiest of places practically by myself, which if you’re thinking of the Eiffel Tower or the Spanish Steps is really something.”

And speaking of the sun — sunset is also a picture-perfect time of day, but don’t make the rookie mistake of only photographing the actual sunset.


“On vacation when you go to the beach at sunset, everyone has their phones pointed directly at the red orb going down over the ocean, which is really pretty and definitely worth capturing. But don’t forget to turn around and see what the sun is shining on,” Tyson Wheatley (@twheat) explains.

Similarly, when visiting a major monument, people tend to snap a photo of it for their records. But Elke Frotscher (@elice_f) recommends photographing the little things that surround the big monuments.


This allows for a more unique photo that truly captures the essence of the place, instead of just a photo of the Eiffel Tower that looks exactly like something you could find on Google.

Have a great trip, and hope the photos turn out great!