This Tree Wants to Kill You, So Leave It the Hell Alone

Seriously, just stay hell away from the manchineel tree.

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We’ve tried to warn you before:

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It’s bad enough when a tree has to have a sign, but when Guinness gives it the world record for the “world’s most dangerous tree,” you know you’ve got something uniquely terrifying.

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Found in the Florida Everglades and along the Caribbean coast, the manchineel has more ways to kill you in real life than the Governator did in 1985’s Commando.

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According to Guinness, the sap from the tree is so poisonous and acidic that it will cause breakouts, blisters, and even blindness, if a person happens to touch it and then allow the sap near the eyes.

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And don’t seek shelter from a storm by standing under this tree.

The rain picks up the sap from the leaves and trunk on the way down, and that doesn’t end well, either.

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The fruit from the tree are said to have been nicknamed, “Death Apples” by Christopher Columbus.

Do not eat them!

You’d think this would go without saying, but there’s this:

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And, when blogger and consultant radiologist Nicola Strickland happened to make the mistake of trying one and inviting her friend to do the same back in 1999:

“Moments later we noticed a strange peppery feeling in our mouths, which gradually progressed to a burning, tearing sensation and tightness of the throat. The symptoms worsened over a couple of hours until we could barely swallow solid food…”

She and her friend only survived the ordeal because they had taken such small bites.

Most who unwittingly try the sweet smelling and tasting fruit are not so lucky.

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Yeah, I said, “sweet smelling and tasting.” This thing wants you dead.

Speaking of crusades…

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Famed explorer Juan Ponce De Leon, who is credited with naming Florida and sometimes erroneously said to have been on the search for the “Fountain of Youth,” was killed by a dart from the manchineel when his party was attacked by the natives almost as soon as he set foot on the coast of Florida.

This tree doesn’t want you on this planet. And, don’t even try to do something stupid like burning the manchineel.

Lighting it ablaze only unleashes its fury into the air so you can breathe it and die, according to the video by Thoughty2, or just get the smoke in your eyes and go blind, according to Guinness.

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Here, you better just watch this entire video:

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And, don’t even think about going anywhere near the manchineel.

It wants to kill you.

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Just don’t.

h/t: Guinness, mental_floss, IFL Science, DYK