Tropical Storm Karen Is Causing All Kinds of Jokes About Speaking to the Manager


“I’d like to speak to your manager. Yes, my name is Karen.” A recent tropical storm called Karen set the Twitter-verse aflame with hilarious memes because we all know about Karen, right?

Karen has become the go-to name for that customer who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, who’s always annoyed, and who constantly needs to speak to a manager.

Trust me, you and I both know the type.

Enjoy these memes…and just remember that Karen is NOT messing around.

1. This is gonna get ugly.

2. There are still some left.

3. “I’m gonna need to see the manager.”

4. Spit take!

5. Quite alarming, I’d say.

6. That line is getting hostile.

7. The haircut says it all.

8. Just made a quick U-Turn.

9. It’s gonna be a long day.

10. Definitely not happy with the service.

Karen strikes again!

And she is not messing around. So don’t even think about getting in her way or messing with her hairstyle.