Funny Tumblr Thread Explores the Unexpected Hilarious Side of Being a Court Reporter

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Even though the job might sound boring and difficult, court reporters are essential to a transparent justice system. But while court reporting may be difficult, it is definitely not always boring. Court just doesn’t strike most people as the type of place where unhinged people run their mouths, but…

Well. Court can get pretty nuts.

This Tumblr thread did a little bit of a deep dive on the subject, and as it turns out, people can and do say rude, hilarious, and unexpected things on the bench.

See below!

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Suddenly, Disorder in the Courts seems like an interesting book.

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Some of these answers seem straight out of a joke book.

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Court reporters who don’t even crack a smile should probably get paid more, because these get even better!

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In this case, the attorneys may have also struck a nerve with some of these questions.

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There you have it!

Apparently court can be the comedy club we didn’t really need. In the meantime, some of these quotes will probably inspire most of us to be on our best behavior if we ever have to be a court witness. Now, we hope you NEVER have to be a court witness, but at least now you know what to expect, right?

So how about some of the questions and answers on this Tumblr thread? Did any of these comments stand out to you?

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