14 Times People on Tumblr Proved That Sometimes the Math Just Does Not Add Up

We all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses.

Some of us are amazing with words. Others can compose and conduct music and awe the world. Some of us are brilliant scientists.

And some of us are just plain clever and funny as all get-out, and good at knowing when something just doesn’t add up.

These people have done the math and found the age-old truth: sometimes it just does not add up at all.

1. Wait, Spongebob is how old?

Maybe child labor isn’t illegal under the sea.

2. Finland might be a lie.

Seriously, can anyone verify that the country actually exists?

3. The math might be right…

…but the logic? Let’s go with no.

4. Way to go, guys.

They really, really wanted everyone to know.

5. Is that measurement standard?

This is definitely a unique approach to cinema.

6. Maybe, maybe not.

It could be that they just really like how the menu looks.

7. But wait, there’s more.

This wings menu inspires endless scrutiny.

8. Now with charts!

Get your wings and your stats right here, people.

9. Something’s really going on with these prices.

Apparently, you get a better deal when you order 25.

10. This… is oddly niche.

Great news for anyone who plays PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

11. No, no, and no.

Why are some people always this way?

12. They said what they said.

Listen, those cars can actually withstand a lot.

13. This should be required reading.

For all of y’all.

14. That’s dedication.

This is both inspiring and a little unnerving.

So how many of you are still half-convinced that the entire country of Finland has just been made up?

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