Woman Sets Tumblr Aflame After Claiming Fish Aren’t Animals

You ready to go down the rabbit hole with us? Great!

Today we’re going to show you how one woman decided to let Tumblr know that vegans can eat fish because she doesn’t believe that fish are animals.

As you can imagine, this set off a veritable firestorm of debate.

It starts off with a bang: why are all these vegans eating salmon? Veganism is a lifestyle choice that requires adoptees to avoid animal products in every part of their life, whenever possible.

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The first person correctly pointed out that vegans probably aren’t eating salmon… since fish are animals.

But the original commenter decides to double down.

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It’s not really a question: fish are animals. I repeat: fish are animals.

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It’s helpful that another person pointed out that also… eating salmon doesn’t inherently give you salmonella.

One person seems to believe that maybe the woman had her lifestyle choice words wrong. Perhaps she meant pescatarian?

The original poster is uninterested in debating the actual term, because she is way more focused on proving her erroneous beliefs about fish.

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Unfortunately for her, the actual definition of fish literally includes the word animal.

When confronted with this information, the woman denies, denies, denies.

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She doesn’t just deny it once, either: she keeps going as if everyone can’t scroll up and see exactly what she wrote.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Can you believe the audacity of this woman to deny her own blatant misinformation? It’s pretty galling.

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