People Are Talking About All The Strange Stuff Trees Do That We Don’t

We all know that it’s soothing to look at nature and that some trees are just more unique than others. One Tumblr thread discussed the wonders of trees.

The conversation began with a person who posted a picture of an unusual group of trees. It later got darker as people started divulging more facts, eventually warning humans about why we should probably be a little scared of plants.

Photo Credit: Imgur

As you can see, the Circus Tree was made to look this way, but a fellow Tumblr user explained that ordinary people can create Frankentrees with just a little moss and a lot of patience.

As the thread continued, experts chimed in and started explaining that you can flip trees upside down and they’d probably survive.

Photo Credit: Imgur

The last post above asks a pertinent question. After all, it takes a lot to motivate people to conduct an experiment. But a teacher that would somehow motivate their students to flip a tree upside down? Wow!

As the Tumblr thread continued, there were also discussions about tree grafting. As it turns out, an artist found a way to create a tree that grows 40 different types of fruit.

This action inspired others to try their hand at tree grafting so that food can be available to people in urban areas, as one Tumblr user explained.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Here’s proof that the Tree of 40 Fruits actually exists!


As this Tumblr thread shows, trees are beautiful and amazing, but they could teach us a thing or two about adaptability and perseverance.

Do you think they left out other stories about trees that we should know about? The comments section has plenty of space for any additional facts you might want to share!