People On Tumblr Are Going Back And Forth About How “Coconuts Are Mammals”

Image Credit: Pixabay

You never know where your Tumblr discussions are going to end up, no matter where they begin. Anyone could hop on and derail the entire thing. Make it better. Make it worse. Make it so bizarre that people can’t stop sharing and commenting…

Seriously, anything can happen.

Even if you just post a random musing that, if the ability to make milk and having hair are two things that make a mammal a mammal, well, why isn’t a coconut a mammal.

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Someone will be a smartypants and come on to say that’s exactly the problem with categorizing animals in the first place.

Which prompts you to ask just what in the hell they’re talking about, and you learn something. new. Yay!

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Which naturally leads one to Plato…

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With time traveling immortals to follow!

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And obviously, if one is talking about animals (or coconuts) impossible to classify, the platypus must make an appearance.

It’s required.

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This time, we’re also treated to a whole, imagined conversation between the gods, just for fun!

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It can only be Australia. Where else?

Posts like these are exactly why some people love Tumblr and cling to it with all of their being and why other people just do not get the appeal.

What camp are you in? Share your love (or not) in the comments!