14 Tweets from Celebrities That You Might’ve Missed Last Week


Celebrities: they’re just like us! Well…kinda…

But they do like to send out tweets about their lives, what they’re doing, etc. And I know a lot of non-famous people who do that, so I’m kind of right, aren’t I?

Enjoy these tweets from celebs that you might’ve missed last week.

1. What a guy.

2. Big fan!

3. You nailed it.


4. The goatee is working.


5. Welcome back.

6. Totally seen.

7. See you in a while.


8. Family reunion!

9. Totally over it.

10. Good stuff.

11. Feeling Halloween in a major way.

12. It’s all good.

13. 47 and looking great.

14. Words of wisdom…

See, they’re just like us!

Kind of…