Girl on TikTok Reimagines ‘Twilight’ as If Bella Was a Regular Teen and It’s Pure Gold

If you have been around for a while, you definitely remember the Twilight movies, obviously based on the book series by Stephenie Meyer. The books and films are known for being a little extra. Which makes sense, considering the core plotline is that a family of vampires lives in a quiet town in the Pacific Northwest and a human girl is in love with one of them.

Plus, all the vampires glitter!

One of the funniest parts of Twilight is how wildly and fully the girl at the center of the story, Bella, throws herself into a relationship with Edward Cullen, the vampire she’s in love with. While she is portraying a teen girl, Bella definitely doesn’t have her head on straight.

That’s what makes this series of TikToks from seventeen-year-old Olivia Henry so funny. Olivia has reimagined the series as if Bella responded to Edward the way any regular teen would.

In part one, Bella meets Edward and is politely… confused.


@sherrnerr894’s vids inspired me to make my own, I had fun with this #twilight #bellaswan #edwardcullen #twihard #fyp #thecullens

♬ original sound – boogiewoogie99

Olivia also recreates the all-important scene when Edward reveals he is, in fact, a vampire.

But instead of being super into Edward’s troubling habit of whisper-speaking everything, Olivia’s version of Bella is distinctly uncomfortable.

The best part is that her reaction to some of the dialogue is absolutely spot-on.


Here’s Part 3! 💕 One of the most iconic scenes #twilight #twihard #edwardcullen #bellaswan #fyp #humour #thecullens

♬ original sound – boogiewoogie99

Olivia also took it upon herself to recreate the scene where Bella and Edward are lying together in a field.

Anyone who has ever done something similar knows that it’s not always quite as romantic as it might look, which Olivia definitely addresses.


Here’s Part 4!! New Moon is coming soon 😀 #twilight #twihard #edwardcullen #bellaswan #thecullens #fyp #humor

♬ original sound – boogiewoogie99

Olivia is actually a big fan of the series herself, and you can tell she’s really enjoying putting these TikToks together.

Definitely make sure this pure art with your Twilight-loving friends.

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