People Are Debating “What’s Trashy if You’re Poor, but Classy if You’re Not?” and It’s Hilarious

Some content comes and goes, but if you’ve got something timeless – a joke, an observation, or a question that gets huge engagement – it can sometimes come back around.

Which is exactly what happened with this tweet from 2016, which asked people to weigh in on things that are classy if you’re rich, but considered trashy if you’re not.

These 14 people really drove home the point that our society is built on double standards, classism, and hypocrisy.

14. Not everyone has to pay taxes.

Let’s not even get into that discussion.

13. An important one-word distinction.

It changes so much, doesn’t it?

12. This is impossible to deny.

And yet, some people still want to try.

11. The morality police turn a blind eye.

They’re probably blind to the sins of their own.

10. Also no, it doesn’t matter how your family earned the money.

Or whether it technically belongs to other people.

9. I never thought about this, but yeah.

You’re a hipster if you’re doing it by choice.

8. I never thought about this.

Maybe homeless people should start asking for “startup capital” instead.

7. This made me laugh but it is totally true.

Through most of history.

6. And if you have 19 kids they give you a television show.

Idk if they were rich before but they are now.

5. Though why you would choose to live in a small home is beyond me.

To each his own, I suppose. As long as it’s a choice.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you distress your own clothes or buy them that way?

3. When you shop at a thrift store “for fun.”

And take all of the best finds from people who need them.

2. Honestly any one of these things.

The day drinking, for sure.

1. I never thought about it, but yeah.

Pretty much everything, I guess.

These really kind of make me angry, but I’m glad there are people at least identifying the issues.

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