Twitter Announces Employees Can Continue to Work From Home Forever

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If you work at Twitter and you like being at home, then stay home!

Yes, that’s right… Twitter employees can work from home for the rest of their careers.

Well, some of them…

Photo Credit: Needpix

That’s the message Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, gave his employees who’ve been spending the last weeks working from home offices. He emailed them to let them know if their position does not require their physical presence at HQ, they can continue to work from home even after lock-down mandates are lifted.

Twitter employees have been working from home since early March, as have other tech employees at firms such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Photo Credit: Needpix

Executives at Twitter have observed how many of their managers and employees seem to prefer working in a home environment. It didn’t seem necessary to bring them all back.

Dorsey also said in his email that physical offices wouldn’t open before September and that all business-related travel would cease until then as well. There will be no in-person events for the rest of the year and a 2021 plan for events would be released at a later date. Each employee would also get a stipend of $1000 to cover office supplies.

Dorsey had said earlier this year he was focused on a “distributed” way of working as Twitter’s home town of San Francisco wasn’t allowing any new office construction and was ending corporate tax breaks.

With keeping employees safe and healthy as a top priority, many employers are taking another look at their large office spaces. Like schools, the corporate office environment will likely need retooling.