People Are Mystified By This This Mysterious, Squirming Black Venom Substance

Image Credit: Twitter

You know, the sort-of superhero that’s basically a black blob with teeth?


Here’s the video someone shot of what appears to someone’s abandoned homemade slime…except it retreats into itself when messed with, which would lead one to assume it’s alive.

A few people took stabs at funny replies like these:

Then someone piped up and identified it as a highly toxic bootlace worm – the longest being on earth, thank you very much.

And I mean, would we even be talking about Twitter if someone didn’t point out how it had superpowers?

And how we could maybe derive superpowers from wearing it in some fashion?

Then, as ever, there are the people that win Twitter with their half-serious, half-tongue-in-cheek answers. God love ’em.

That’s it. That’s how Twitter found Venom, on the beach of all places.

I’m way more amused than I should be, and I’m not alone. At least not this time.

There’s more than a few ways to get our laughs these days and I, for one, am not going to let a single one pass me by.