This Twitter Thread About “The Incident” at Different High Schools Is Scandalous…and Amazing


I know some people absolutely hated high school and look back on it with disdain, but I had a blast. I don’t remember actually learning anything, but my friends and I ran wild for 4 years and basically acted like total idiots. It was great! And, like at every other high school in America, there was that one “incident” that captured the student body’s imagination and was whispered about in hallways and classrooms.

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A Twitter user posed the question, “What was “the incident” at your high school?”

The floodgates opened and people shared the scandalous incident from when they were students. These are pretty amazing. Check them out.

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Wow! Scandalous! What was “the incident” at your school?

h/t: Distractify,Mashable