Guy Shares New Facts About Netflix’s ‘Joe Exotic’ — Important Details Not In The Documentary

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tiger King took Netflix—and the world—by storm. Unless you live under a rock, you probably know more than you ever wanted about Joe Exotic, his staff, and his feud with Carole Baskin.

But there’s more. Robert Moor is an author that diligently worked on a podcast and magazine story about Joe Exotic and his zoo. Dedicated to his craft, Moor even lived in Joe Exotic’s zoo for a week. He decided to dish out on whatever he could after the documentary was released. Here’s how his Twitter thread became a massive Q&A.

Moor provided links to the podcast and story he wrote.

Next, he began offering a few bits of trivia to garner interest.

He then revealed what probably happened to bones of tigers that passed away.

Then the questions came in! They quickly got interesting.


One Twitter user was curious about Joe Exotic’s interesting love life.

The answer to this question was much more nuanced than expected.


And perhaps Joe Exotic’s taste in men was also influenced by his interest in taming tigers…


But honestly, quite a lot of people were interested in whether or not Carole Baskin killed her husband.

Others were interested in the working conditions of Joe Exotic’s zoo.

The answer to this question was quite obvious.


Meanwhile, what was up with Joe Exotic’s wardrobe?


Well, Joe was an EMT in a previous life!

But one Twitter user had a poignant question about the “real” Joe.

The answer to this is a cause for reflection.


Finally, some people want to know why some former employees still love Joe.

That answer was also pretty interesting.


Robert Moor fielded a lot of questions about Tiger King and Joe Exotic, and you can check out the original thread here.

Did you enjoy his Twitter Q&A thread? What details would you still like to know about?

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