Twitter Users Caught up with Their Old Grade School Teachers and It Is Nice and Wholesome


Have you ever reconnected with an old teacher that you really looked up to when you were in school?

Sounds like a cool idea, doesn’t it?

Well, these Twitter users thought it would be a great idea to find and reconnect with old grade school teachers, and I think you’ll like these tweets.

1. Reunited at last!

2. Teacher and jazz musicians are BOTH cool.

3. Molding young minds.

4. Uh oh…

5. An amazing lady.


6. Some kind of big shot.

7. Well, that’s random.

8. Most of them want to hear from you!

9. Teachin’ sisters.

10. Sounds like a great teacher.

Nice and wholesome, that’s for sure!

Have you ever done this? Share your stories and photos in the comments with all of us!