People Are Talking About How/When to Apologize for a Mental Health Episode

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There are a lot of stigmas around mental health issues, but this is slowly changing. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says that in 2018, approximately 19.1% of people in the United States experienced mental illness.

Obviously it’s important to be sensitive about mental health issues in the country, but one Twitter user spoke out about the lack of apologies over mental health blowups that sometimes occur as a result of certain conditions.

The tweet went viral and several people spoke out for and against this opinion.

Some people were for this type of accountability.

Some people agreed but had some reservations.

A professional chimed in with their opinion.

One Twitter user explained why she apologizes when she can.

And someone else chimed in with why they choose to apologize, but they also preface with the fact that no one is owed anything.

One person tweeted about her experiences on both sides of this conundrum.

One Twitter user mentioned that some of these mental health breakdowns are also survival mechanisms that don’t warrant an apology.

Another Twitter user brought up a valid point: some abusers deal with mental health issues as well.

Another Twitter user mentions that it’s important to improve communication about mental health issues in general.

There were many other tweets, but this one tried to put things into context:

It’s clear that any and all discussions around mental health aren’t easy. As some people mentioned, some mental health blowups are simply coping mechanisms, and they’re difficult to predict. It’s hard to pin down etiquette when discussing issues that have different consequences for everyone involved, but at least this Twitter thread began a necessary dialog.

What’s your take on the topic? There are no easy answers, but all points of view are welcome in the comments section. Perhaps your opinion or experience may help a reader that’s been seeking answers.

Drop your thoughts and let’s get to talking!