Two Seagulls Keep Showing up on a London Traffic Cam, and Now They’re Twitter Famous


Some animals are just really photogenic, ya know? Two seagulls, Graeme and Steve, just can’t resist thrusting their mugs into a traffic cam in London, England. Maybe they’re admiring their reflections? Who knows, but it’s hilarious.

The Transport for London Twitter account noticed that these two birds were in love with the camera, and they started showcasing them on social media.

Of course, that tweet went viral, the public needed some more – so he made his return.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, he came back…this time with a friend. Now it’s Graeme and Steve, the dynamic duo.

And one of the fellas came back again.

People on Twitter are definitely loving Graeme and Steve.

I think I smell a reality show brewing…