‘Unicorn Farts’ Beer Is Now a Thing – And It’s Brewed with Fruity Pebbles

Photo Credit: iStock

Have you ever been in a bar and thought to yourself, “Dang, I could really go for some unicorn farts right now”? If so, we have some great news.

A brewery in Maryland has created a limited-edition Unicorn Farts beer. DuClaw Brewing Company’s beer is a “glittered sour ale,” brewed with Fruity Pebbles mashed in.

And yes, there is edible glitter in it, too.

Unicorn Farts was originally released last spring, but it sold out — obviously. Unicorns are very in right now! So, DuClaw is re-releasing the beer for a second run. It will be out in June 2020, just in time for summer (and for Pride).

In the tasting notes, the brewery describes Unicorn Farts thusly: “This glittered sour ale with fruity cereal mashed in, brings slightly tart sour, a bouquet of fruits & a hint of biscuit.”

If the idea of a unicorn-themed, fruity sour ale hasn’t sold you already, then maybe this ad campaign will? The brewery straight-up filled a bathtub with Fruity Pebbles.


If you’re wondering why there are donuts on the side of the bathtub, it’s because the unicorn beer is a collaboration with Diablo Doughnuts. The donut company’s Fruity Pebbles donut was the inspiration behind Unicorn Farts beer.


Interested in buying this unique beer? It might be available in a city near you. You can plug your zip code into DuClaw’s beer finder to find out.