Unleash Your Inner Nerd with These ‘Lord of the Rings’ Jokes

©New Line Cinema

Ahhhhh, do jokes about The Lord of the Rings ever get old?

The answer is NO. NEVER.

All I really have to say after looking these tweets over is…NERD ALERT!

1. We all did this.

2. Don’t F this up.

3. Name the book and the scene.

4. Are you listening?

5. The trilogy isn’t his fault.

6. Sean Astin is back, baby!

7. Riddle me this…

8. I have my reasons…

9. Don’t listen to Gollum.

10. That’s a great visual.

11. Nerd love.

12. Smart move, dude.

13. A historical/pop culture mash-up.

14. Now that’s a zinger!

15. A lot of people agree with you.

Nerds unite! Are you on board with these tweets?

See if you can one-up these jokes in the comments!