UNO Finally Confirms That You Cannot Stack +2 Cards

Image Credit: Twitter

Sure, rules comes with your UNO game, but one pamphlet of instructions can’t possible answer every question and every scenario that might come up when you’re playing around your kitchen table.

For years, people have been arguing whether or not you’re allowed to stack the +2 cards – basically, if someone gets you with a +2, you’re not able to get out of it by stacking your own +2 on top.

A nice trick, but not allowed.

They mean it, too, because they’d already deleted the tweet once and thought, eh, what the heck.

As you can imagine, people had a lot of feelings about this ruling.

And how can they tell kids everywhere they’ve been playing incorrectly all of this time?

You can’t!

You can’t make any of us do anything we don’t want to. So there!

Basically, we’re all Arthur with his headphones, and no one – including UNO – is going to bust into your house and arrest you for playing a +2 to get out of a +2.

Personally, I think there should be some leeway given for creativity. If you’re smart enough to realize that having another +2 in your hand might be to your advantage, then you should get to play it.

I realize some of you out there are stickler for words like “actual” and “rules,” though so now you know.

I guess you’ve got the ammo you need to kill the creativity and fun in your house next game night.

Or, you know, we could all just let the good times roll.

After all, chaos is already Queen of 2020; why draw a hard line with UNO?