These Unsolved Serial Murders Will Be Featured on 2 New TV Shows

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Are you as excited as I am about true crime TV?

Well, there are two awesome-looking new true crime shows starting soon!!!

People Magazine Investigates premieres November 7 on the Investigation Discovery channel. The 10-part program will tackle some of America’s most infamous crime stories, spotlighting the impact of crime on families.

The Killing Season debuts on A&E on November 12. The 8-episode show follows two documentary filmmakers, Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills, who investigate unsolved serial killer cases across the country.

What do the two new shows have in common? Both of their debut episodes will focus on the creepy case of a mysterious serial killer who has haunted Long Island, New York for the past six years.

NBC News

Photo Credit: NBC News

Police believe the Long Island serial killer, sometimes also called the Craigslist Ripper, is responsible for at least ten murders. All the bodies in this case have been dumped along beaches in quiet parts of Long Island.

Police discovered the first four victims in December 2010 on Gilgo Beach while they were looking for a missing New Jersey woman who had been working as an escort. It turned out that all four of the young women unearthed that day had worked as escorts, offering their services online via Craigslist. This led police to believe that the killer had possibly contacted these women online, set up dates with them, and proceeded to murder them.

Four more bodies were found in the spring of 2011 near the site of the first discovery. This time the remains were of two women, one man dressed in women’s clothing, and a toddler. Shortly after that, a skull and a partial set of remains were also found nearby, bringing the total number of victims to 10.

Out of these 6 new discoveries, police were only able to identify one victim, a 20-year-old woman who had worked as a prostitute. Police suspect that the Long Island serial killer may also be responsible for up to 7 additional murders.

New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

The FBI officially joined the case of the Long Island serial killer in December 2015, but the murderer is still at large–and the story is ripe for some investigative journalism. The Long Island serial killer is just the starting point for these new TV shows, though, and they both sound very promising for true crime and mystery buffs.

I know I’ll be tuning in!