It’s that time again – the time Jimmy Fallon gets Twitter users to spill their deepest, darkest secrets in order to make people laugh. This week, it’s the dumbest lie they’ve ever told with #MyDumbLie. Some of them are pretty easy to relate to, but others…not so much.

#15. Awww, way to throw yourself on the sword for the pup.

Photo Credit: NBC

#14. Dying (#badpuns)

#13. Soooooo much better than saying “I got a tattoo.”

#12. Pokemon Go: Saving Marriages Everywhere

#11. Why are grownups so mean??


#10. After which, I assume, your parents had you tested for multiple personality disorder?

Image Credit: NBC

#9. Now you’ve ruined my trust in all of my internet friends. Jerk.

#8. This is kind of sad.

#7. I want to know if this worked. For reasons.

#6. Classic.