Volunteers Constructed a Community to House Homeless Veterans in Kansas City

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In Kansas City, Missouri, a group called Veterans Community Project is taking on a very important, often overlooked task in American society. The nonprofit volunteer group has created Veterans Village, a 4-acre tract of land where they built an entire community of tiny houses for homeless veterans.

Veterans Village is located near an outreach center that provides social and medical services to veterans, such as job placement and resume workshops.

As of now, there are 26 completed homes and 23 more under construction in the community. The tiny houses feature sleeping and living areas, along with bathrooms and kitchens.

It is no secret that the veteran homeless rate is very high in Kansas City and across the country. Mark Solomon, co-founder of Veterans Community Project, said, “Any given night in Kansas City, there’ll be 200 veterans sleeping on the streets and we wanted to make sure we did something about that.”

The organization’s mission is based around four goals:

1) End Veteran Homelessness
2) Never Say No to a Veteran in Need
3) Connect Veterans to their Community
4) Connect Community to their Veterans

Each home in the community costs $10,000, a small price to pay for providing someone who served their country with a place to regroup and get back on their feet.

Take a look at this video that shows how and why the project got started in Kansas City.

Visit the Veterans Community Project website to donate, learn about volunteering, or just to learn more about this organization that is doing incredible work for some of the most deserving people in our country.