These Volunteers Make Superhero Capes for Children with Disabilities

Barbara Casados is the founder of Capes for Heroes, a volunteer organization that sews superhero capes for children who are living life with a disability or facing a debilitating illness. And while a little bit of fabric that ties around your neck might not seem like much, Casados has seen countless kids sprout smiles once it goes on. Such a small thing, but it can easily double a child’s confidence.

“The cape says ‘you’re special.’ It gives them imagination. All of a sudden, there’s no disability. There’s no obstacle. You can just see the change in them.”

She and her team have made over 35,000 capes for children who need them, and the kids blossom because of them. Barbara Casados considers each and every person involved in her project family.

“They have shown me that you are a superhero when you do more than you think you can do.”

Capes for Kids // 60 Second Docs

25,000+ capes for kids in need.

Posted by 60 Second Docs on Monday, November 20, 2017