The Walking Dead Cruise Was Awesome, and Like a Zombie, Will Return Again

From January 15-18, 2016 fans of The Walking Dead boarded the Walker Stalker cruise from Miami to Grand Bahama Island, and it was apparently a pretty big hit…

So, like the zombies they admire so much, they’re planning on coming back for more.

OK… Maybe that’s not the best photo. But, it was my favorite.

Here’s some of the more exciting evidence from the 2016 cruise.

2,600 fans came from all over the US.

And from other countries as well.

Norman Reedus was there, and it looks like he’s a smoker. Somehow I doubt that will impact one bit of the love the female fans have for Daryl.

We’ve got more photos of the cast and crew that joined the fun, plus a video recap on the follow pages!

What if you could talk to Beth again?

Spoiler alert: you can’t. She’s both dead and not real. But, fans DID get to chat with the actress who played her, Emily Kinney.

Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, also made the journey.

Chad Coleman brought Tyreese back from the dead as well, and had a darn good time doing it.

Makeup artists were also on the loose. You may recognize this dude from SyFy’s Face Off…

SFX guru and Walking Dead stalwart Greg Nicotero showed off some of his serious skills as well.

Keep going to check out the video!

Shenannigans! And some pretty sweet cosplay.

A zombie-themed fake Kiss tribute band? Sign me up!

Belly flops!

Here’s a video with more:

Video Source – Sixthman

If you’re kicking yourself for not taking the undead plunge in 2016, good news – the spots for a February, 2017 reprise haven’t yet been filled.

Basically, this could be you next year:

Ever been on a cruise? Would you be willing to make this your first? Do you think you’d want to take your kids, since many of these travelers seemed to drag them along for the ride?