This Walmart Manager’s Response to a Woman Collapsing Should Inspire Us All

©Flickr,Mike Mozart

Small acts of kindness go a long way. A Georgia woman recently posted about one such act in the Walmart store where she happened to be shopping, and the post quickly went viral. Brittany McKee snapped this photo of Walmart manager Jason Lewis sitting on the ground with a woman leaning against him.

McKee explained in her post that the woman in the photo collapsed in Walmart and Lewis got down on the ground to give the woman something to lean against. McKee was obviously touched by Lewis’ thoughtful gesture, as she explained in her Facebook post.

Lewis had no idea that McKee took the photo of him. When a news station asked him about his actions, Lewis said, “That’s how my parents do it. I just wanted to live a good life and that’s just one of the results of it – being able to render help when it’s actually needed.”

I think we can all learn from Lewis’ example, as it doesn’t take much to make a difference. Just be present and be kind, folks. That’ll do it.