The Science Behind Learning New Skills And ‘Micromastery’ — Great For Your Self-Care And Boosts Your Self-Esteem

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These days almost everyone talks about self-care and self-esteem. Even so, the road to a healthier self-image isn’t always clear. But don’t worry–you can boost your self-esteem and confidence by doing something as simple as learning a small skill.

Writer Kelsey Osgood wrote a powerful essay about this concept, called micromastery. The idea is fairly simple: learning a tiny skill gives you a confidence boost. That’s because doing simple tasks can put you in a state known as flow—a meditative state known to benefit your mental health.

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And learning one new skill is a great foundation for the next thing you’d like to tackle.

There may be other benefits to learning new things. Small skills, such as driving a stick shift, learning to mend clothes, or even learning how to knit, all require motor skills that you may need as you grow older.

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Learning a new skill is also a great way to get your mind off of daily stresses, bad news, and to pick up on things you never knew you needed. So go learn how to brine a chicken, pick a combination lock, or make pasta from scratch. Whatever you choose, it will probably help you relax while also making you a bit happier.

What are some small skills you want to learn? Maybe if you list them below, you’ll find others who want to learn as well!