The Secret to Making the Perfect Popcorn Is Aluminum Foil

No one is going to the movies (and honestly, who knows if we ever will again, though the thought makes me want to cry), but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to bad, bagged popcorn for the rest of your life.

Of course, we all know we can make popcorn at home, in a pot, but let’s be honest – you’ve probably never perfected that to the point you feel as happy with that bowl as the carton at the theater, right?

Well, that’s all about to change, my friend, whether you like yours simple – salt only – or enjoy loads of butter or spicing it up with different flavors, you only need one thing to make it perfect: aluminum foil.

Image Credit: YouTube

This YouTube video from Polygon video’s Brian David Gilbert introduces his “pepcorn,” a signature snack that uses Lao gan Ma chili crisp and gochugaru for a savory, spicy treat.

Now, you should try it as shown just to see if you like it (have an adventure in your kitchen, my friends!) but even if the interesting “pepcorn” flavors aren’t for you, the video includes the aluminum foil tip that will change the way you eat popcorn (however you like it) at home.

Image Credit: YouTube

Instead of putting a lid on his pot, Brian covers it with a sheet of aluminum foil stabbed with a knife.

That’s it. So simple, but transformative, I swear.

The perforated foil acts like a steam-release valve, allowing some to stay trapped inside while the excess is released and doesn’t drip back into the pot.

No messing with a lid that’s not perfectly ajar, no looking for a hot pad to grasp a steamy handle, no dripping boiling condensation onto your hand.

Yeah, it turns out Jiffy Pop was really onto something from the beginning.

You can use the foil hack with any stovetop popping routine, and you’ll have perfectly crispy, fluffy popcorn in no time!

If you try it (or the pepcorn) make sure to report back – I want to know how it went!