Was This Person Wrong for Giving a Woman a Taste of Her Own Behavior?

Sometimes, people just need a taste of their own medicine. You know it and I know it.

And I think I’d be lying if I said that stories like the one you’re about to read don’t give me a little bit of satisfaction.

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AITA for giving a woman a taste of her own behavior?

“I’m sitting at the airport and this older lady sat down right next to me and took her iPad out and starts watching a show quite loud.

To me this is a foul in public however I just ignored it and put my earbuds in.

After a while I made a phone call using my earbuds. Literally 30 seconds into my call she interrupts me and asks me to quit being rude and talk quietly so she can hear her show.

I was as polite as I could and said that not only herself but everyone for about 10 feet and I could hear her show word for word and that making a phone call isn’t rude but watching a show on your device full volume in a public waiting area is actually very rude and that is why people use headphones.

She said she has every right to enjoy her show without being interrupted by a rude and selfish phone call or having to use headphones.

I said she was absolutely right and I am completely wrong, please enjoy your show while we wait for the plane and I will do the same. I then proceeded to take out my iPad and open ice cubes good cop bad cop music video and play it full volume on my device without my earbuds.

I have never seen someone storm off so mad.”

And here’s how folks on Reddit responded.

This reader said that this person was definitely not a jerk and that the woman deserved it.

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Another person said the writer of the post didn’t do anything wrong and tried to do the right thing before they “fought fire with fire.”

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This person said that the woman was rude and so the person who wrote the post just dished it out the right way.

And that the person’s actions weren’t out of proportion in any way.

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I gotta say…I wholeheartedly agree with this statement!

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