Was This Teenage Boy Wrong For Demanding To Use His Brother’s Laptop?

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Anyone who has a sibling knows that it’s natural for a certain amount of competition and resentment to crop up now and again. That said, I think a majority of parents do their best to foster love and support within the family structure instead of the opposite.

This teenage boy has a brother just one year older, and is extremely resentful of him because their parents only buy necessities (one could argue) for the older brother and not him.

They tell him they can’t afford two or promise to buy him his own at some point but never follow through.

I(F15) have a brother(M16).

My parents always buy him stuff (computer, tablet, violin etc) but when I ask them for the same stuff they always answer with “we’ll buy you the same thing next year when you turn the same age” or “we can’t afford 2 right now so we’ll buy you one later” but they never do.

So recently when OP needed a laptop for schoolwork he insisted, his brother share – when he refused and their parents wouldn’t force him, he threatened to break it.

 Last night I had to do an school project but because I didn’t have a computer I couldn’t. I usually borrow someone’s (a family member like a cousin) laptop for these stuff but this time everyone needed theirs so no one would give me.

I got so angry and frustrated that I started yelling at them telling them if they dont let me share his stuff im gonna break his computer (i’m not gonna do it tho (probably)).

His frustration is obviously at an all time high, and he’s wondering whether he’s wrong to think that their parents should buy them one to share if they can’t afford two.

My parents think i’m being irrational and an AH because “these are HIS stuff, if he doesn’t want to share with you then he doesn’t have to” i think they are the AHs because if they cant buy 2 of the same thing then they should buy one for both of us not just for him.


Reddit’s got some thoughts on this one, I know, so let’s hear them out!

Though the threat was probably counterproductive, this person thinks OP’s frustration is warranted.

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This person suggests OP talk to other adults in his life in an attempt to get someone else on his side.

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Some people just have no business being parents, if we’re being honest.

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Showing favoritism isn’t right, and it sounds as if someone needs to tell their parents this.

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Start screaming and don’t stop.

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Y’all I hate hearing stories like this. It sounds as if OP is at the end of his rope.

If this kid was in your orbit, what advice would you give him? Let us know in the comments!