Was This Woman Right For Being Angry At Her Mother In Law Offering Bring Her Son Food In The Hospital Than Denying She Made The Offer?

If you’ve never been married, you might think that people are exaggerating when they talk about how hard it can be to get along with their in-laws.

If Reddit is any indication, they’re absolutely not – in fact, it seems like it’s easier to win the lottery than to find yourself with an amazing mother-in-law.

This OP says up front that she and her mother-in-law have never gotten along, and also acknowledges that her husband has not historically believed her when she tries to tell him how his mother makes her feel.

My husband was in a car accident last week. He was staying at the hospital for his broken leg. Only me and his mom were there.

His mom and I don’t get along AT ALL. he tells me I’m overreacting or paranoid whenever I point out how she’s mistreating me.

Recently he was in an accident and stuck in the hospital, where obviously the food isn’t the best. He asked his wife to bring him his favorite meal (a steak dinner) as a pick-me-up.

She told him she’d see what she could do, but that steak was expensive and she was feeling a bit tired.

He complained about hospital food saying it had no taste and asked me to make his favorite meal which is steak and bring it to him at the hospital.

Noting that steak isn’t cheap where we live and I didn’t have enough time to prepare it. I told him I will see what I can do then his mom said if I’m truly a supportive wife then I’d make it happen.

Her mother-in-law came up to her in the hallway and generously (and in hindsight, suspiciously) offered to make the meal instead. OP accepted and thanked her.

Once we went outside his room, His mom’s tone changed. She suddenly seemed nice and said that she could see how exhausted I was and so I should go home and not worry about the steak dish because she said she’d make it for him. I asked if she was 100% sure and she said “absolutely!!”.

The next time OP visited, her husband asked about the meal. OP was surprised when her mother-in-law denied ever offering to make it.

The next visit I showed up and my husband asked why I didn’t bring the steak dish he asked for. I saw his mom there I told him his mom offered to make it for him instead and told me not to worry about it.

He didn’t believe and was like “mom said that? I’m not buying it, mom you really said that?” her reaction shocked me. She acted confused and said that I’m his wife and she didn’t know why I’d expect her to “perform” my duties for me.

I was confused and didn’t know what to do. My husband seemed upset the entire visit and I waited til his mom left to talk.

After she left, she told her husband what had happened and he didn’t believe her – so she called her mother-in-law on speaker and got her to confess.

I swore to him his mom said she’d take care of it but he said he didn’t believe me.

I pulled my phone out, called his mom and put her on speaker so he could hear the conversation. I said “didn’t you say you’d make the steak dish and that I didn’t have to worry about it?” she relied “I did…but I obviously wasn’t actually going to do it, I was just trying to help my son see how his wife is during the rough times and you took the bait”.

My husband raised his eyebrows. He got pissed he called her later and picked a fight then said no more visiting.

Her mother-in-law thinks she was petty and the rest of her husband’s family isn’t happy with her, either, but was she really in the wrong?

She lost it, called me petty and manipulative and blasted me on facebook saying I stopped her from seeing her son only because I couldn’t get her to do things for me like cooking for my own husband.

Now his family are criticizing me for this.

Let’s hear what Reddit has to say about the matter!

This person says don’t get hung up on the husband, because it’s definitely mom who was in the wrong here.

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Everyone is hoping the husband has realized now that it’s his wife he should be trusting.

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Of course this is Reddit, so not everyone agrees.

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In fact, opinions are pretty much split on the husband.

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Either way, everyone is feeling badly for OP on all fronts.

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I don’t think this seems like a super healthy relationship so I hope OP reads these comments and has some very serious conversations!

Have you had an appallingly bad run-in with an in-law? If so, tell us about it in the comments!